Clair Dia fuck - "Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 190"

Name: Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 190

Actress: Cris Cassidy,Tina Russell,Clair Dia,Beth Ana

Categories: Clair Dia fuck, 1969, United States, English, Cris Cassidy, Tina Russell, Clair Dia, Beth Ana


Duration: 120 min

Country: United States


Language: English

Year: 1969

Women without men! Trapped in the twilight limbo of lips, labia, and that special girl-girl lust! In other words. Lesbo Love Orgy Part 6! Pucker Up (color): After some serious muff munching, two pretty dolls bend over and make their anuses pucker in and out. And what better way to start this volume than with some serious lesbian assholes! Dildo Darlings (b&w): Two horny harlots trade tongues, pummel each other’s pussy with a dildo, and rub their joyboxes with a giant vibrator that looks like a baseball bat! Whoa! Looks like she’s heading for home. Blonde on Blonde on Blonde (color): Wow! Three blondes, three tongues, three twats, six tits, no inhibitions. I could watch ’em for hours Tina and Beth (color): Porn queens TINA RUSSELL and BETH ANA lovingly play lickum-stickum with each other’s gorgeous gashes and gazongas! Lez Be Friends (color): Two brown-eyed cutie pies bed ’em, spread 'em, and then embed ’em with a scaly stranger of a sex toy... Butch Cassidy (color): Legendary porn lesbo CRIS CASSIDY spreads, slurps, 69’s, and sizzles with another sex-crazed girlfriend of Sappho. Identical Dykes (color): Two almost-twins, in identical red dresses and identical pixie hairdos, take turns doing identically dirty things to each other’s anatomically identical bodies. This is art. It really is. Clair de Labia (color): Natural redhead CLAIR DIA grinds her freckles onto the hot, string bean body of a lanky lez. The searing closeups were shot in GynoScope. Sugar lips (b&w): A pair of babes from the Kennedy era, Sugar and her Sweet Sue, swap spit and sit on each other’s face. Then Sugar tries to find Sue’s inner depths with a dildo. She finds it! Candle Scandal (color): Three hot chicks with diamond-shaped beavers ram candles up their snatches for the sheer, goddamn perversity of it all. Kitty Kats (color): Two frisky felines fondle each other from head to paw with major stops in between. Meeeow! Carpet Cleaners (color): A zaftig pair of sapphics play touchie-feelie before spreading the rugs and licking them clean. Student Snatch (color): Bored with literature, college girls Doris and Darleen, put down their books, spread their legs, and learn all about each other’s groins. Now that’s an education!

Clair Dia fuck - "Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 190"

Monday, June 27, 2016


Clair Dia fuck1969United StatesEnglishCris CassidyTina RussellClair DiaBeth Ana

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